Reach millions of educated listeners worldwide through our targeted advertising packages. In today’s world, with so many choices, spending your advertising dollars wisely is always a concern. With the KCOR Digital Radio Network, you can promote your brand with confidence through superior placements and sponsorship opportunities across our web and mobile channels, as well as through are network of publishers, broadcasters, and corporate websites.


The KCOR Digital Radio Network is constantly expanding and growing its footprint within the digital world not just locally in Las Vegas, NV but also around the world with thousands of listeners worldwide in over 106 different countries. We continue to see constant growth among our web presence with millions of hits to our website monthly as well as thousands of downloads of our current broadcasters show’s archives. Each month our unique live listener base steadily grows by the thousands with an average listening time of 7.5 hours a week per person. In addition, our unique collections of live as well as podcasted shows cover a wide spectrum of demographics suited for just about any product.

And if that wasn’t enough…

The KCOR Digital Radio Network is run by “true” radio professionals that have a proven record in the AM/FM as well as commercial TV industry. All facets of advertising are produced in house from Professional Digital Graphics to High Quality Professionally Produced Radio Spots. Our professional voiceover talent have done everything from on-air work, radio books, as well as featured commercial spots across the country for other FM/AM as well as TV Networks.

In addition, all “on-air” commercial spots remain as part of the show’s archives, which give you and your product(s) months if not years of continued exposure across our digital platform. Not many terrestrial or digital radio networks can make such a claim.

Whether it be a simple banner ad on our Homepage or Live Page, even our host’s page or a Professionally Produced Radio Spot we have the exposure you want at a price that can fit just about any budget. Your ad placement can be programmed to run once, daily or even monthly with large discounts to those that considers KCOR Digital Radio Network their extended home for exposure globally.

When you build a marketing campaign around KCOR, you’re appropriating a portion of our brand equity as well as that of our hosts. We’ll tie your good name to on-air, on-line, and on-site engagement strategies designed specifically to reach your growth objectives, and we’ll stand by you every step of the way to ensure the success of your advertising investment.

Banner Package: $30.00 per month

A Professional Designed Banner* with a link to your site of choice on the KCOR Digital Radio Network Homepage, Live Feed Page as well as on each of our host’s page. This is a great deal for new authors looking to get exposure for your book on Amazon. Package must be paid upfront before any work or posting is made by KCOR. *[Advertisers can supply their own artwork, but please check with us for formatting instructions]

Professionally Produced Commercial Spots

•All commercials run at a minimum twice a day every day with an emphasis during all live broadcasts, which translates into at the very least, sixty monthly placements guaranteed.

•Bronze Package pricing is for a one-month contract, Silver Package pricing is for a three-month contract and Gold Package pricing is for a six-month or more contract. Pricing is for individual commercial placement and subject to change. Discounts are available for multiple commercials or on shorter run placement ads; please contact our sales department at for pricing and availability.

•Spot times are subject to Network availability and we reserve the right to lower or increase daily placement frequency; however, your weekly ad placement as well as monthly total placement will not change. Additional fees may apply for requested advertisement on specific shows please contact sales.

•Bronze Packages as well as weekly individual commercials must be paid upfront; in addition, Silver and Gold Packages must pay for their first month upfront before any commercial placement will air on the Network. Each additional monthly bill must be paid on time in order to avoid interruption of your commercial placement. Network reserves the right to pull any spot not current with its billing.

•A one-time set-up fee of $60 will be added to each separately produced commercial spot. This includes one-hour worth of studio production time. If advertiser requires additional time with our Network Engineer to complete commercial spot than the studio-time will be billed at a rate of $30 per hour. Please note we do charge by the hour and will do our best to work with you to complete the project as quickly as possible yet still maintain our professional quality of excellence. If you already have a professionally produced commercial, we still require a one-time set-up fee of $25 to add it to our programming and you need to check with sales for format requirements. The one time set-up fee of $25 is waived for our Gold Package Members, however additional studio fees still apply. Additional costs may be charged if remote audio or prerecorded audio needs to be recorded please check with sales team on pricing and availability.

•We offer FREE commercial spots to Non-Profit Groups wishing to promote an event or service. Network reserves the right to accept, replace, or refuse any spots at any time. All FREE ad spots are subject to availability.

15 Second Spot:

•Bronze: $119.99
•Silver: $89.99
•Gold: $49.99

30 Second Spot:

•Bronze: $139.99
•Silver: $89.99
•Gold: $59.99

45 Second Spot:

•Bronze: $189.99
•Silver: $139.99
•Gold: $99.99

60 Second Spot:

•Bronze: $249.99
•Silver: $189.99
•Gold: $139.99

*All prices above are per month fee

Segment Sponsorship:

We also offer Segment Sponsorship for monthly contracts for individual shows. This includes an on-air professional written commercial script read live by the host(s) at the beginning of their show each hour. You will also receive a banner ad on the host’s page as well as on the KCOR Digital Radio Network homepage and Live Page. Segment Sponsorship starts at $300 per month but with a Sponsorship of three months or more that price is reduced to just $200 per month.

•All Segment Sponsorship is subject to Host’s Approval

Weather/News Sponsor Ship:

The Network runs daily News and Weather at the top of each hour. Your company with sponsor this segment and a twenty-second on-air script with be read acknowledging your company.

Sample: The News and Weather Sponsored by Henry’s Carpet Cleaning when you need it done right call Henry’s Carpet Cleaning at 555-245-9789 The Very Best when it comes to clean!

Cost is $400 per month but with a Sponsorship of three months or more, that price is reduced to $300 per month.

Studio/Station ID Sponsorship:

This is one of the most professionally branded packages offered at the Network. Sponsor with have their company name tagged as part of the KCOR Digital Radio Network Station ID that airs at the top of each hour. In addition, the KCOR Studio will be named after the company and all live broadcasters will acknowledge that during their live show as being broadcasted from said studio.

Sample Station ID: This is the KCOR Digital Radio Network Broadcasting Live from the Cox Communications Studios in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sample Studio ID: Welcome back to Restricted Airspace on the KCOR Digital Radio Network live from the Cox Communications Studios in Las Vegas Nevada.

Cost is $1000 a month with a six-month contract and $800 a month with a year contract.

KCOR Digital Radio Network reserves the right to cancel any and all advertisement, without refund, with said Sponsor/Advertiser if anything slanderous, racial, or demeaning comes into public view or if they paint any of our hosts as well as the Network in a bad light.


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OMG. I just disovered your station and now I'm hooked. You have some of the best shows broadcast on the planet. Love live KCOR.
Travis Williams - Houston, TX
This station plays some of the hottest EDM on the planet. So many great DJ's playing all my favorites. Can't wait for this station to break through to the edge of the known universe. Keep mixing the best sounds KCOR. Love you guys.
Holly Tate - London, UK