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Hosted by Valerie Okunami         

Bizi Yogi airs Tuesday 10 AM PST| 1 PM EST, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. The show will explore holistic techniques and lifestyle choices that create vibrant health and lasting happiness. Each week we will discuss the latest trends and hot topics today that bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Valerie Okunami has found that it is possible to use her experience as a thriving media entrepreneur to emerge successfully in an entirely different field, in this case operating workplace yoga programs, yoga teacher training programs and effective healing programs that combine reiki and yoga.

Ms. Okunami began her media career in 1988 in Concord, Calif., as a sales executive for a local radio station. From there she moved to ever larger broadcast outlets until she joined the staff of NBC affiliate KCRA in Sacramento, California.

In 1992, she set forth on her own with her Okunami Media advertising agency. She has been flying under her own power ever since. The agency’s client list included world renowned museums, national corporations and local non-profit arts and entertainment organizations. She has served on the board of The Future Foundation, an educational non-profit organization providing scholarships to underserved families. She has also worked with the Red Cross, helping launch major fundraising events.

In 2005, the agency expanded to include publishing two national magazine titles, a Sacramento edition of Builder/Architect and MD News. In 2007, she founded CAPG Health magazine, a national healthcare magazine, of which she remains the publisher. The quarterly magazine’s circulation is growing as managed care gains more attention with implementation of the national Affordable Care Act.

All during her years of building her media operations, Ms. Okunami maintained a keen interest in health and physical fitness. As an undergraduate business major at Sacramento State, she worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. In 2000, yoga became a major part of her fitness regime and it grew in intensity until she found herself a certified yoga instructor teaching the practice and now training yoga instructors.

In 2009 she founded Okunami Workplace Yoga, creating and conducting yoga classes for employees at the workplace while teaching at a popular Roseville yoga studio and Health & Wellness center. Today, she and four teachers conduct 14 employer/employee-sponsored classes a week in the Sacramento area. Her clientele include well known international and national firms and government employees.

She also created a Registered Yoga Alliance School called Bizi Yogi. She trains yoga teachers in two yoga disciplines: 200 RYT Hot 26+2/Power Fusion program and 200 RYT corporate and chair yoga along with additional certifications in yin yoga.

Valerie has no plans of stopping now. She is also a Master Reiki practitioner and has created an effective healing program for people with chronic health issues.

Valerie teaches yoga because she sees the incredible transformation people make in their lives when they begin their yoga practice. They become healthier, more relaxed and more positive. They discover coping skills to handle the stress of day to day living and regain hope about the future. She sees improvement in students who have severe health challenges.

Valerie never forgets where she came from and is always grateful for all opportunities she has been given.

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September 26, 2017
Lloyd Lindsay Young      

Before New Jersey had “Snooki” or Tony Soprano it had Lloyd Lindsay Young, with WWOR Channel 9’s studio in Secaucus. Young wasn’t just a television weather forecaster, he was a pop culture phenomenon. His "trademarks" remain a booming voice and boisterous delivery to include a loud “Helloooooooooo, Your Town!” in his report.

Considered by many as the best weatherman ever, if you saw Lloyd once, belting his signature intro “Hellooooo!” and a yell of “Science!” before showing the radar, you would not forget the moment.

As for his famed opening, Young says it was created by accident. “One night in Idaho Falls, my first television job, I just blurted it out.” Young says. “I was curious if anybody up in Wyoming was watching, so I yelled, ‘Hellooooo, Jackson, Wyoming!’” After getting a lot of favorable reaction from viewers, Young thought that he “might have something here.” The boisterous Young tried it again the next night using a different town—and the rest is history.

“I like to have fun with the weather. It wasn’t a serious delivery; it was my shtick.” Lloyd says. “Weather offered levity in a newscast because a lot of the news is depressing by nature.” However, when a storm was brewing or changing drastically Young turned serious; reporting outside in blizzards at 20 below wind chill factor.”

At the height of his popularity Double L amassed an enormous collection of weather pointers used during his television reports. Viewers sent in thousands of objects including plastic alligators, a launching rocket, a mannequin leg (complete with stiletto), and petrified animal body parts.

After television, Young transitioned to radio weather in California. He maintains the same style on radio that made him famous on TV, including his over-the-top “Helloooooo!” unless the weather gets too serious for that personality. Young has combined his Broadcasting degree with his love of weather. “I am not a serious meteorologist. But on the other hand, I know a lot about the weather, because I’m obsessed with it.”


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