Consciousness Revolution

Hosted by Kaarin Alisa         

Consciouness Revolution joins the KCOR Digital Radio Network Monday May 2, 2016 at 3 PM PST | 6 PM EST.

Do you feel it? It’s rising from within you, that growing desire – some might call it a passion – to peer beyond the limits of your own beliefs. A burning notion that there must be more to feel, more to know, more to embrace. That’s the Consciousness Revolution in you bubbling up from your very DNA.

Hi, I’m Kaarin Alisa, and I feel it every day, this desire to search through the layers of possibilities that exist in every moment. To sift through the questions and ponder the answers that spur experiences of synchronicities and miracles. And at the very core of the search, if I am open to it, if I abandon my fear and persist, are old paradoxes, new paradigms, and layers of realities that don’t ever – won’t ever – fit into a box.

Here, everything is fair game. We’ll question, examine, and ponder those things that stretch our minds to the limits of what’s possible and make us breathe deeper. Do you really want to know more? Then welcome to the Consciousness Revolution.

The Consciousness Revolution begins Monday afternoon 3 PM PST | 6 PM EST exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

Kaarin Alisa is a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal transformation. She has honed her abilities as a change agent in the metaphysical and energetic arts for more than forty years, practicing as a spiritual adviser, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, teacher, and energy practitioner. She has helped people from all walks of life realign to their highest truth, so they are better able to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Sometimes sassy, always heart-driven, Kaarin is passionate about higher consciousness and her inner calling is to help humanity raise the collective consciousness by helping as many people as possible raise their individual consciousness. As she says:

“There’s no trick to achieving higher consciousness. You merely need to intend it, and set action toward it, to realize it. Let go of fear and open your mind!”

As a child, Kaarin was blessed with intuitive vision that society tried to suppress, sometimes with painful consequences. But thanks to her burning desire to be of real service to others, she kept her intuition intact, and by the age of 15, she was giving readings and working as a psychic medium. At that time, she also began work on the Rabika Oracle, an uncanny divination card system. This tool took more than 20 years to develop, and can now be experienced as free online readings; soon, also to be available as a physical card set and accompanying guidebook.

Over the years, Kaarin has authored many books in diverse genre such as technology, history, self-empowerment, metaphysics, and spiritual living. Her latest bestselling book, Bare Bones: The Unabridged Life of Yeshua son of Joseph from Galilee, reveals Jesus’ largely-misunderstood life as it was disclosed to her through her many conversations with him. Other books available now from Kaarin include these compilations: The Energy of Receiving, I’m Having It, and Manifest Change. Kaarin is working on several new books such as Divine Sword: The Life and Work of Priestess Miriam from Magdala, 12 Master Tools: Given to You at Birth and Mostly Misunderstood, and Recipe for a Queen.

Kaarin also runs the Goddess Speak Project, and is in the process of developing The Center for Conscious Choice.

Her transformational show on KCOR Digital Radio called Consciousness Revolution is an extension of her inner calling. Kaarin also offers classes, webinars, and private sessions by appointment.

You just can’t keep a good woman down. Try and she’s likely to fly!

Karey Keith     

Karey Keith was born on a peanut farm deep in the heart of Texas and brings a strong sense of curiosity, spirituality, and common sense to everything she does. She is a spiritual counselor, medium, healer, and teacher, specializing in helping people empower their life with right choices. She also owns Majestic Insights, a place of learning, love, and higher knowledge. She has been a successful intuitive agent of change and healing since 1991, having previously begun her work at the age of seven by spontaneously channeling the Masters.

Karey brings a strong sense of the power of love to her work and believes that relationships of all types can be enhanced, mended, and embraced by finding and applying truth and understanding. Compassion could be her middle name. She is trained in many modalities of body work and counseling to include, mediumship, intuitive counseling, massage, reiki, reflexology, cranial sacral, theta healing, magnetic, hypnotherapy, and holistic psychology.

Karey has lived all over the US and has explored all but 2 of our beautiful states. She now lives with her three boys in the Pacific Northwest, USA. They enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing, movies, reading, exploring, working and video games!


August 29, 2017
Yeshua: An Ancient Voice

Special Co-Host
Don Joseph Goewey    

Don Joseph Goewey is managing partner of ProAttitude, a human performance firm with the mission of elevating people's experience of work. His clients include Fortune 100 companies. He is also author of three books, including The End of Stress - Four Steps to Rewiring Your Brain (Simon & Schuster, 2014).

Previously, Don managed Stanford's Department of Psychiatry and headed the International Center for Attitudinal Healing, founded by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. and recognized worldwide for pioneering a psycho-spiritual approach to overcoming catastrophic life events.

The International Center for Attitudinal Healing worked in some of the most stressful situations, with people facing terminal illness, in grief groups with parents who'd lost children, with prisoners serving life sentences, and inside refugee camps during the genocidal war in Bosnia helping war victims suffering from extreme post-traumatic stress. The Center's approach enabled people to transcend the fear and stress endemic in these desperate situations. In 2004, the Center received the Excellence in Medicine Award by the American Medical Association for innovating a new school of psychology based on the power of attitude.

Thirty years ago Don experienced a perfect storm of stress over a period of nine days, beginning with being fired and ending with being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was married with four young children to support, and making matters worse was having to face the truth that his marriage was in trouble. Don states that at the outset, he felt more afraid and more alone and more hopeless than at any other time in his life. Yet through it all he came to experience a powerful spiritual awakening, generating an inner change that changed his outer world, from the medical outcome to his career to the direction of his life.


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