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Tina Marie Caouette is an experiencer, author, TV Personality and the host of the number one paranormal show in Las Vegas, NV.

Restricted Airspace covers everything from UFOs to Ghosts and all things Paranormal.
Come and join seasoned researchers and champions of the airwaves Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz as they bring you some of your favorite supernatural icons as well as those emerging researchers who promise to intrigue and enlighten you in our Neverland of UFOs, the paranormal, Fortean phenomena, lost worlds, other dimensions and cryptozoology.

Now every Thursday at 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern you can find paradise in your own home town with your two favorite Tim's as they delve into the weird, the truly bizarre and the totally unexplainable.
When a libertarian of conservative origin runs full speed into life’s paradox of liberalism, the very real force of anti liberty – freedom hating socialists, the explosion will shock and awe you.

Bringing a unique perspective to the news and events that shape the world around you. Each show will be a mix of commentary, facts, educated opinion and analysis that will have even the most skeptical nodding in agreement or questioning what they believe the reality to be. There is the mainstream media’s spin, the right and left spin and then there is Dwight’s view that cuts through the glamour and mesmerizing hypnotic trance induced stupor, of the new world order.

What is presented may sound insane, may sound outrageous, and may very well be the truth…Dwight leaves it to the audience to decide for themselves.

From politics to alternate reality and everything in between, the news unfolds, the inside scoop unfolds, the good the bad and the ugly are examined.

Dwight will prove that this world is much more bizarre and uncertain…much more complicated and controlled, and above all, far less solid and reliable than is commonly understood.

Get ready for the ride of your life, grab that handrail and prepare yourself for a trip into the real twilight zone, that is anything but what you once held to be true.
Hosted by Madeline Rudy, Merlin Wizard, Sue Kelly and John Poginy. Do you feel reality is nothing more than a hologram? Fascinated with the world of the paranormal occult? Then join the hosts of Life in the Hologram Tuesday’s from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific and Thursday’s from 9 AM to 11 AM as they guide you through this untraceable matrix. Life in the Hologram hits hard with some of today’s greats personalities in the world of the paranormal from Astrology, spirituality, psychics, healers as well as the top Ufologist and Contactees in the world today. Life in the Hologram, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. It’s time to wake up and stop checking under the bed for monsters. Life in the Hologram coming Tuesday September 1 on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.
Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.
"There's a war raging between good and evil. Rev. Shawn Whittington and Ghost-b-gone have been fighting the good fight for over 40 years. The time has come to make a choice. Choose to tune in to Vegas Supernatural. Learn how to be on the right side and fight that battle"!

Join Shawn Whittington as he explores the supernatural every Monday at 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST. With Shawn's many years in the field as well as his contacts within the paranormal this will be two hours of great digital radio. Vegas Supernatural the new standard for paranormal radio!
3 Guys NO TIES!!! is the name of the new show that will be running on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. It will consist of Dave Garrity, Dave Dalton and Tony Ferrari talking about News (World and National), Entertainment, Sports and Dumbasses in the news, which could come out of any of these topics and then some.

Now every Wednesday night at 7 PM Pacific | 10 PM Eastern. If you are interested in receiving updates as we get closer to the show, please let us know by emailing the show.

The Vegas as well as the World airwaves will never be the same when 3 Guys No Ties take control of the Network each week.
Bizi Yogi airs Tuesday 10 AM PST| 1 PM EST, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. The show will explore holistic techniques and lifestyle choices that create vibrant health and lasting happiness. Each week we will discuss the latest trends and hot topics today that bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Starseed Awakening airs Saturday 12 PM PST | 3 PM EST, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. Hosted by a life-long experiencer who knows what it is like to have worldly experiences. Miesha has experiences everything from extraterrestrials to Secret Government Black Organizations.

Her lengthy years within Ufology only help to strengthen the weekly topic of conversation from her guests. Weekly topics will range from Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees, MILABs, Ritual Abuse; Trauma based Mind control as well as MK-Ultra and Monarch Survivors.

Miesha is a facilitator of numerous Support Groups each month some private within her own home while others are through Google Hangout as well as other internet live chats.

Miesha has appeared on a number of radio shows as well as lectured throught California, Colorado as well as Nevada icluding at the Super Soldier Summit, Mind Control Summit & UFOCON. She has written an array of articles covering a variety of topics and currently is writing her own story.
Sometimes in life, you just need a ‘Reality Check’

Every Wednesday night 9 PM PST | 12 AM EST come test the waters and climb into the rabbit hole with Jessica Johns and Joey Mirabella. Starting January 20, 2016.

We live in a world surrounded by the unexplained as well as fabricated lies. Step into the minds of two hosts willing to speak the truth no matter what lines they may cross. Reality Check is not your packaged propaganda type show….no it will cover everything from the paranormal to conspiracies.

This will be one hour of radio you can’t afford to miss. Stop by starting January 20, 2016 for your weekly dose of reality. Reality Check hosted by Jessica Johns and Joey Mirabella. The truth starts here!
Show airs every Monday night 7 PM PST | 10 PM

This podcast features the real paranormal experiences from people like yourself! And we provide engaging interviews with Mediums, Psychics, Authors, Investigators and much more! We explore into the realm of Demonic Activity, Shadow People, Possession, Cursed Objects, Haunted Houses and much more! Packed with content and with very little "filler".
Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin interview the hottest researchers, whistleblowers and spiritual masters on the hopes of humanity revealed in extraterrestrial contact, suppressed history, false flag conspiracy and spiritual ascendance as documented in ancient texts, archeological findings, contactee reports and remote viewing as well as past, future and simutaneous life existences.

The Lessins deal with the positive potential revealed in the exploration of paranormal, ritualized santanic and military mind-control programs, governmental cover-ups and the operations of ETs and clandestine military on the moon, Mars and space.

Together they connect the dots, unravel the mysteries with the help of their guests and transport listeners from the perverted matrix to the divine paradigm of lov and higher consciousness
Show airs every Friday night 4 PM PST | 7 P EST

UFO Classified goes deep within the world of Ufology as well as the Paranormal. If it is happening around the world, Erica Lukes is on top of subject, and her guests are some of the most repected researchers or experts in their chosen field.

Whether it be breaking information on Skinwalker Ranch, newest mass sightings or reports of orange orbs this show has it covered.
Show airs every Sunday 12 PM PST - 2 PM PST

Call into the KCOR Digital Radio Network and get your very own personal connection to the universe.

Want to know what is going on each week in Astrology & Numerology then check out Cosmic Connection. Get your weekly forecast with dual readings from two of the best in the field for free simply by calling into the show. If that wasn't enough, we will also have on higher vibrational guests in the second hour to share there gifts & talk about their projects.
Show airs every Friday night 9 PM PST - 11 PM PST

Hyperspace is a unique show hosted by Solaris BlueRaven which uncovers the supernatural, mystical sciences, paranormal, covert technology, UFOs and the world of unseen forces.

Ms. BlueRaven's guests are experts in their field of research encompassing and expanding the listeners awareness to a multi-faceted world navigating the cosmic tides on the celestial highways.

Ms. BlueRaven's expertise in the world of covert technology,mysticism and alchemical sciences becomes a vast intelligence system of quicksilver information reaching the audience beyond the speed of light.
Show airs every Sunday 2 PM PST | 5 PM EST. Hosted by David Cook.

Through my show I want to help people understand more about the paranormal field and teach them the difference between normal and paranormal. I would like to teach everyone about the types of spirits both good and bad. I also want to encourage both skeptics and believers alike to join in the talks and express their opinions.

I'll also be talking about my experiences both personal and investigations and also talk about famous ghost sightings, photos, videos, stories and other investigations that have made the news and newspapers and some TV programs that have appeared over the years.

If you need help, regardless of the paranormal activity you are experiencing, give me a call at the Network or even send me a private message. I would love a chance to talk with you and see if my many years of paranormal experience could in someway help with whatever you may be dealing with or going through.
Show airs every Monday 3 PM PST | 6 PM EST. Hosted by Kaarin Alisa.

Do you feel it? It’s rising from within you, that growing desire – some might call it a passion – to peer beyond the limits of your own beliefs. A burning notion that there must be more to feel, more to know, more to embrace. That’s the Consciousness Revolution in you bubbling up from your very DNA.

Hi, I’m Kaarin Alisa, and I feel it every day, this desire to search through the layers of possibilities that exist in every moment. To sift through the questions and ponder the answers that spur experiences of synchronicities and miracles. And at the very core of the search, if I am open to it, if I abandon my fear and persist, are old paradoxes, new paradigms, and layers of realities that don’t ever – won’t ever – fit into a box.

Here, everything is fair game. We’ll question, examine, and ponder those things that stretch our minds to the limits of what’s possible and make us breathe deeper. Do you really want to know more? Then welcome to the Consciousness Revolution.
Show airs every Tuesday 6 PM PST | 9 PM EST. Hosted by Dr. Sam Mugzzi.

The Quantum Shift is a radio show like no other. It will enlighten you to new territories of mental understanding. Whether covering topics from Quantum Healing, Life Coaching, Current State of Affairs, Business, Law, Star People, or the Ascension Gateway. The Quantum Shift radio show always strives to present new thoughts of understanding. As our world is changing around us, so is the interpersonal you.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi’s fifteen years of radio experience has introduced her to many great contacts who are in the “know”. She would like to invite all new and old friends, to partake in her newest journey into the Quantum Universe. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing stays the same. Therefore, tuning into her new weekly show; you will be magnetically and intellectually stimulated to learn more about our new reality.
Show airs every Thursday 1 PM PST | 4 PM EST. Hosted by Patrick Phillips.

Broadcast weekly from Austin Texas, Pop Culture Tonight™ with Patrick Phillips is a half-hour, internationally syndicated talk radio show with a focus on ALL THINGS ENTERTAINMENT; Without the scandal or sensationalism!

Each week, seasoned host Patrick Phillips explores a vast range of subjects with news, valuable insights and lively in-depth conversation from popular entertainers, experts, athletes, authors, film composers, Youtube stars and more!

Produced audio segments often place the listener directly into a given fandom, genre or topic, with Phillips’ celebrity guests regularly reprising their signature catchphrase or momentarily jumping back into their iconic roles.
Bridging The Paranormal hosted by Becky Vickers airs at 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST as part of our Twisted Tuesday lineup exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

Are there really ways to communicate with the dead? Is there a “bridge” from the “now world” to the “afterlife”?

Becky Vickers, a well-known paranormal personality, investigator, and soon to be author explores the possibility of the unknown. In her own unique way and Southern charm she travels the country in search of the most haunted places and proof that the dead can still wake among us.

Join Becky each week as she and her guest discover the most haunted places, equipment tips, evidence and hear her own personal experiences with the paranormal as well as others just like you and I. She will even be conducting live, on-air investigations.

From Author’s, Mediums, Physics’, equipment inventors, owners of haunted locations ...her guest are always bridging the way to the Paranormal. Explore the ‘dark side” of ghost hunting to the light hearted bloopers of being a real life ghost hunter. This is one show you are going to want to tune into again and again!
The Paranormal Vault hosted by BK Mojave and The Watcher airs at 8 PM PST | 11 PM EST as part of our Mysterious Monday lineup exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

What do you get when you take two guys with a passion for ufology and the paranormal and drag them out from inside their bunker…well you get The Paranormal Vault. The show is going to cover an array of topics form UFOs, Folklore, Aliens, Abductees, and a host of other paranormal topics. That is if we can get inside their fortified vault of classified files.

With years of experience between these two as well as varying viewpoints this show will sure not disappoint. With their eyes to the sky they will keep you up to date on the last UFO reports from Nevada, Area 51 as well as from around the world. Get ready for one interstellar ride! The only question you have to ask is….Got Humans?
Into The Parabnormal hosted by Jeremy Scott LIVE Saturday 7 PM PST | 10 PM EST as part of our Sizzling Saturday lineup.

“Into The Parabnormal” is a spin-off of “Parabnormal Radio”, a podcast that ran from June through October 2015. After flirting with syndication of a three-hour nightly program that ran from November 2015 through June of 2016, Jeremy Scott returned his weekly show to the “air” in July.

It is streamed to radio affiliates and internet partners with coverage worldwide through a variety of platforms.

The show streams every Saturday Night at 7 PM PST | 10 PM EST on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.
Deuce Music Show hosted by Rob Saunders LIVE Wednesday 10 PM PST | 1 AM EST as part of our Wanumbology Wednesday lineup.

Run by Rob Saunders, DEUCE has been establishing itself as being one of the leading companies in the music industry to offer services to independent bands and artists worldwide.

With a growing reputation of being at the forefront of the best new music on the scene, and with its idyllically placed office in London, we aim to ensure bands and artists are offered ways and means to get their music heard by a wider audience.

The show streams every Wednesday Night at 10 PM PST | 1 AM EST on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.
Hosted by Tina Marie. For twenty years Tina was one of the most requested Mobile Entertainers in New England. She sold her company to enjoy life in sunny Las Vegas, but now is back on KCOR Radio. She mixes four hours of commercial free music featuring the hottest Club/EDM songs from around the world. Plus, you just never know who might stop by for a quick chat talking about their new single.

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