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Hosted by Madeline Rudy - Merlin Wizard

Do you feel reality is nothing more than a hologram? Are you fascinated by the world of the paranormal occult? Then join the hosts of Life in the Hologram Tuesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific, and Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM as they guide you through this elusive matrix. Life in the Hologram hits hard with some of today’s greatest personalities from astrologers, spiritualists, psychics, healers, as well as top Ufologists and contactees in the world today. Life in the Hologram, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. It’s time to wake up and stop checking under the bed for monsters. Life in the Hologram Tuesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific, and Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM

Madeline Rudy         

Life in the Hologram is just one of the many shows Madeline has hosted since joining the global world of radio in 2007. Her cosmic adventure began in the Sedona, Arizona known for its mystical and magical energy. She has over thirty years working as a student of the spiritual, metaphysical, as well as new age. This expanded understanding gives her a global appeal not just too world-renowned guests but to her listeners that follow her show, Life In The Hologram as well as her social media outlets worldwide.

Madeline took a leap of faith and vacated the “corporate world” embarking upon a second career in alternative healing. As a spa owner, she gained years of knowledge in alternative healing while working out of the hotel industry as an esthetician and massage therapist. As if her resume wasn’t enticing enough, she is also a hypnotist, Reiki Master, an Inter Christ Channeling Teacher as well as fluent working with tuning forks and light tools.

Searching for more and on a quest for her true mission in life, she closed her spa in Pennsylvania and embarked on a magical journey traveling from Florida to Arizona then to Georgia until finally returning to the place she calls home, Pennsylvania.

During that time, she had the great pleasure of traveling throughout the US with Dr. Valerie. The wealth of knowledge she gained while working the Quantum Vortex Experience has been priceless in her own pursuit for awareness within the Hologram.

Madeline’s days are now filled with esoteric studies, communication with likeminded souls as well as selling Younique Cosmetics. When Madeline isn’t on air with Life In The Hologram or working within the field she enjoys the countless hours she gets to spend with her two sons and six grandchildren.

Merlin Wizard       

Merlin has been a professional, intuitive Astrologer and spiritual mentor for over thirty-six years. He has written extensively as well as facilitated workshops on personal empowerment and guidance techniques for many years worldwide.

His philosophy and ethics are clear, as his practice revolves around the individual not the one-size-fits-all mentality. His ability to call upon a variety of techniques developed from Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Naturopathy, meditation, as well as several others separates him from many of his peers.

A sample of astrological topics Merlin is educated as well as specializes in is listed below:

•Interpret how specific aspects found in birth charts can enhance a person’s ability to excel in a chosen area.
•Decumbiture, which is about using the birth chart to see why a person is unwell and then to find how to treat them.
•How your natal moon affects fertility.
•Personal insight and observations on compatibility of when we fall in love.

“I believe we all have free will to make choices in life and I can help when you are coming up to a crossroads, so that you can explore different options safely to improve your current situation. My approach is reflective and intuitive.” - Merlin Wizard


April 18, 2017
Donna Grace McAlear   

Museum curator-turned-design consultant, Donna Grace McAlear takes a strategic approach to interior design, combining a breadth of influences from her rich career as a fine art curator with a highly developed aesthetic. Her international curatorial work and travel through North America, Europe, Australia and Asia produced a two-decade record developing, designing and presenting exhibitions of objects d’art. This privileged career has instilled Donna Grace with an exacting ability to seamlessly and authentically define interior architectural environments.

Donna Grace’s museum experience anchors her firm – New Mood Design – as a discerning and forward-thinking design consultancy. It also inspires her work with clients. Armed with a PhD in cultural studies, a Masters degree in contemporary fine arts, and a Bachelors degree in fine arts and art history, she creates purposefully designed interiors that spatially and visually harmonize with architectural settings in high-end residential and light-commercial venues. Her global clients enjoy her no-boundaries mobility, yielding a world of cutting-edge products and contemporary possibilities.

Collaborating with engineers and architects and managing creative teams on multi-million-dollar projects is a high-level skill that Donna Grace brings to client projects. In the Deputy Director’s shoes at the Louisiana State University Museum of Art, she supervised the design of all aspects of the new building’s exhibition spaces, conceptualized and managed the development and presentation of the inaugural exhibitions, and directed the relocation of the museum’s fine art and decorative arts collections from storage sites on campus to the new museum in the award-winning Shaw Center for the Arts, designed by Schwartz/Silver Architects, Boston. As Chief Curator of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, she developed the project scope, plan, phased timeline and budget for the renovation of this major museum’s vast permanent collection storage and museum services spaces.

Since 2009, when Donna Grace moved to Atlanta, New Mood Design has offered her extensive track record to successfully shepherd design projects from conception through completion. A problem solver, first and foremost, with a passion to source distinctive products worldwide, she leads her firm through cerebral creativity, balancing big-picture concepts with flair and attention to detail. Because she’s managed hundreds of museum exhibitions and diverse museum building projects, Donna Grace can understand and envision the scale and scope for new spaces — both exterior and interior finishes — and masterfully select and blend architectural finishes, furnishings, lighting and artworks to create an atmospheric experience that transcends the merely material for her clients.

Award-winning and widely published, Donna Grace was named one of the industry's "hottest, innovative designers" by Heat & Glo Fireplaces — one of eight designers and architects featured in Heat & Glo’s 2016-17 "Designers on Fire" North American media campaign. Her "Peak 8 Penthouse" vacation home in Colorado — a stunning example of Donna Grace’s elegantly modern design style and a turn-key project — is showcased as a case study on Heat & Glo Fireplaces's website. Her passion for and knowledge of modern design were also honored by "Top 50 American Kitchen Designer 2012-2013" (TRENDS magazine) and "1st Place: Bathroom Remodel 2013" (Atlanta Home Improvement magazine) awards. Donna Grace’s designs are published in Kitchen TRENDS (New Zealand), The Atlantan Modern Luxury, Art Concept DECOR (Brazil), EMBARK, Atlanta Home Improvement, and Denver Life magazines, and featured in global design blogs like Houzz , K+BB and Freshome, among many others.

April 20, 2017
Dave Armstrong
Bright Frontier Films     

David Armstrong is an American film and television executive producer, author and public speaker. He currently works as the chief executive officer of Bright Frontier Films, LLC and the Armstrong Corporation – the parent company for Little Swan Publishing, a music and book publishing enterprise – and Meg’s Art World, an art print publishing enterprise.

Armstrong was born on July 16, 1959 in Crosby, North Dakota. He was raised on a highly-productive family ranch and later graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. In college, he was an outstanding member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, earning the distinction of being appointed to the coveted position of first student assistant to famed Professor Donald Myrold.

After college, Armstrong founded and operated a number of companies including; D.C. Marketing, a business consulting firm for inventions located in West Fargo, ND., Quillow Inc., a sewing and manufacturing enterprise; and DC Marketing which reached sales of five million dollars until it sold in 1999 to Meg’s Art World of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He also created the Armstrong Corporation which was a highly successful business right from the first year of operation. Since then, he has advised numerous companies on how to maximize their efficiency, which eventually turned his attention to the television and film industry. As of June 2016, he has developed several dozen exciting television and film projects nationwide. To date, he is involved in several dozen exciting TV and film projects with his team.

Armstrong is well-known for his exceptional ability to spot market trends, investments in agricultural commodities, and upcoming companies. He has a razor’s edge intuition for managing money that will help stretch dollars to maximize investor money; and he has an uncanny ability to spot the “hidden gem” and money-making potential in film and television projects brought to his attention.

He is most excited about the potential of film investing, especially with recent tax law changes. His new film and television projects will create thousands of jobs that are so badly needed in this economy both in the US and Western Canada. David is most excited about the potential that film investing has for investors, especially with the recent tax law changes.

April 25, 2017
Kathilyn Solomon
Tapping Into Wellness      

Kathilyn has been a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping practitioner since 2004, and she teaches and leads groups in the tapping technique. She is one of just 19 EFT practitioners worldwide certified at the highest level of EFT skill and mastery through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP – ACAP – EFT). Her work has been instrumental in assisting clients and students in transforming difficult areas in their own lives.

Cats have nine lives. This Kat is no exception. She was living in NYC, a writer, editor, and children’s author, with an herbalist avocation, when sudden seismic life-changes led to “losing everything” – work, husband, prestige, confidence, money, and health.

Kat discovered EFT a few years later, and through her own personal tapping, she experienced relief and results, including healing her autoimmune illness fibromyalgia and trauma she had experienced. In the process, Kat came to understand what really matters for her: emotional connection, caring, and compassion and commitment to one’s own authentic nature and purpose. She has shaped her life and life’s work accordingly.

Even if it seems elusive, it’s still a good idea to head in that direction of self.

Kat knows how to unearth magnificent treasure underneath physical and emotional challenges, sabotage and goal-blocking behaviors, and areas of “stuckness” in life, and continues to find it remarkable even today when she witnesses the profound changes that clients are making in their lives with EFT Tapping.

Kathilyn earned early practitioner credentials in association with Gary Craig, EFT founder. * She is either studied or certified in holistic methods including TAT, inner child and matrix reimprinting, Ayurveda, NVC and Parenting by Connection, Global Somatics, dance, Interplay, Spring Forest Qi Gong, NLP, memory reconsolidation, art, song, and one of the sacred languages of creation, Hebrew.

Her general practice clients come for a wide range of emotional and physical situations and conditions, including stress and anxiety, clearing creative blocks, clearing clutter or cravings, inherited & lineage issues, phobia relief, trauma and bad childhood memory resolution, grief & loss recovery, body confidence, pain relief and physical challenges, birth trauma, parenting and family challenges, reproductive and miscarriage issues. She is author of the new book Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness (Llewellyn December 2015). She leads tapping groups and teaches, writes and edits books, blogs, and websites, and teaches and mentors in EFT tapping. She is author of seven children’s books, mother of one son age 17, and one cat.

*EFT Qualifications also include: EFT Level 1, EFT Advanced, Cert 1 EFT, a case study away from AAMET International Advanced Practitioner, and EFT Universe Intermediate Practitioner. Cross-section of clients includes relief of phantom limb pain in woman in her 70’s to resolution of terrible fear of tornados from three year old.

April 27, 2017
Elaine Thorpe
Psychic Medium    

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Elaine Thorpe and I'm a trance clairvoyant medium. I've been doing trance for 10 years and I've grown and developed over that time. I've learned to trust my guide to blend with me and speak to the public eye.

I have worked in churches, small groups and one to one with private readings. I now teach trance to others. I'm enjoying doing this as it gives me a chance to communicate with spirit and ask them questions that will help me with my spiritual life.

I came across trance by sheer accident and I haven't looked back since. My father was a physical medium so I used to sit in circles with him sometimes. It was wonderful to know that spirit can closely connect and even touch us physically.

Since coming into spiritual work I have met many loving and caring friends and had beautiful messages along my journey. I'm still continuing to grow and learn all about the love that spirit bring to us in such mysterious ways. I have truly dedicated myself to this way of life and I will continue until my time to go home arrives.

Trance mediumship is one of the most intense and loving connections with spirit you can ever experience. Believe me if you haven't tried it then maybe give it a go but with the proper channels if you decide to go ahead. You won't look back

May, 2017
Jane Lawson
Essentials Oils
for Higher Consciousness     

I am now what is colloquially termed as a Vintage Aromatherapist, having been qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist for some 25 years and a teacher for 17. I am blessed with three beautiful grown up children, and we all currently reside, albeit in our own homes in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire, UK. Besides taking care of my clients, I also have a small and select amount of students every year. I believe in quality over quantity and as Essential Oils and their, what can only be termed as magical properties as they never cease to amaze me, have served me so well over the past quarter century, I honour them and respect them and the art and therefore want to maintain and pass on a legacy to future practitioners. I am currently training past students to become teachers themselves, and thus safeguard what is a precious gift of Mother Nature to us. This is my legacy.


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