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Hosted by Madeline Rudy - Merlin Wizard

Do you feel reality is nothing more than a hologram? Are you fascinated by the world of the paranormal occult? Then join the hosts of Life in the Hologram Tuesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific, and Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM as they guide you through this elusive matrix. Life in the Hologram hits hard with some of today’s greatest personalities from astrologers, spiritualists, psychics, healers, as well as top Ufologists and contactees in the world today. Life in the Hologram, exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network. It’s time to wake up and stop checking under the bed for monsters. Life in the Hologram Tuesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific, and Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM

Madeline Rudy         

Life in the Hologram is just one of the many shows Madeline has hosted since joining the global world of radio in 2007. Her cosmic adventure began in the Sedona, Arizona known for its mystical and magical energy. She has over thirty years working as a student of the spiritual, metaphysical, as well as new age. This expanded understanding gives her a global appeal not just too world-renowned guests but to her listeners that follow her show, Life In The Hologram as well as her social media outlets worldwide.

Madeline took a leap of faith and vacated the “corporate world” embarking upon a second career in alternative healing. As a spa owner, she gained years of knowledge in alternative healing while working out of the hotel industry as an esthetician and massage therapist. As if her resume wasn’t enticing enough, she is also a hypnotist, Reiki Master, an Inter Christ Channeling Teacher as well as fluent working with tuning forks and light tools.

Searching for more and on a quest for her true mission in life, she closed her spa in Pennsylvania and embarked on a magical journey traveling from Florida to Arizona then to Georgia until finally returning to the place she calls home, Pennsylvania.

During that time, she had the great pleasure of traveling throughout the US with Dr. Valerie. The wealth of knowledge she gained while working the Quantum Vortex Experience has been priceless in her own pursuit for awareness within the Hologram.

Madeline’s days are now filled with esoteric studies, communication with likeminded souls as well as selling Younique Cosmetics. When Madeline isn’t on air with Life In The Hologram or working within the field she enjoys the countless hours she gets to spend with her two sons and six grandchildren.

Merlin Wizard       

Merlin has been a professional, intuitive Astrologer and spiritual mentor for over thirty-six years. He has written extensively as well as facilitated workshops on personal empowerment and guidance techniques for many years worldwide.

His philosophy and ethics are clear, as his practice revolves around the individual not the one-size-fits-all mentality. His ability to call upon a variety of techniques developed from Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Naturopathy, meditation, as well as several others separates him from many of his peers.

A sample of astrological topics Merlin is educated as well as specializes in is listed below:

•Interpret how specific aspects found in birth charts can enhance a person’s ability to excel in a chosen area.
•Decumbiture, which is about using the birth chart to see why a person is unwell and then to find how to treat them.
•How your natal moon affects fertility.
•Personal insight and observations on compatibility of when we fall in love.

“I believe we all have free will to make choices in life and I can help when you are coming up to a crossroads, so that you can explore different options safely to improve your current situation. My approach is reflective and intuitive.” - Merlin Wizard


February 20, 2018
Tilly Campbell-Allen
Silk Alchemy      

Tilly is an artist, mum, home educator, and Hermetic, Kemetic, Tantric, sigil and Grimoire loving, Shamanic, cosmic Gnostic, Druid, herbal witchy alchemist, Jungian and quantum fysiks groupie. Half French half British, Tilly was born 1973 in London and introduced to Tibetan Buddhism as a young child when Tibetan Geshes moved in to the family home and it became the Manjushri meditation center. She then started life as a full time parent to her three children in 1996.

Tilly is essentially a self taught artist who can hop between style substrate and media but has been working as a professional silk painter in France since 2009. Focusing very much on divinity especially Eastern, she has been part of the Buddhist art collective Dakini as Art (creative sister to the Yogini Project) since late 2015 and She Is Love, another female creative collective celebrating and empowering women. Tilly paints on ahimsa silk with gold, creating something divinely unique. She uses a combination of conscious knowledge and other than conscious flow which allows room for something special within the traditional form. Her subjects are typically iconographic in nature.

She also muses with published articles through Levekunst, Buddhistdoor Global and Funky Raw on the deeper meanings of life and the image/ emotional and spiritual well being relationship as well as some poetry.

As part of Tilly's desire to help heal through art, she also works closely with clients creating imagery unique to their needs. She uses a combination of intuition, her knowledge of color, symbols and archetypes to create an utterly bespoke meditation tool.

February 22, 2018
Adrian Dobson

I am 48 year old, a spiritualist, and a working medium based in the Rotherham area, working nationally. I have been aware of spirit all my life and I have been working for spirit for the last 10 years. My search for knowledge about the fundamentals of spiritualism, and my aim to lead a spiritual life, by understanding others and putting them first, and passing on messages of Love,Truth and Proof of our loved ones who have passed, in a professional manner, is paramount in my life, helping me to become a better person, and being at one with myself.

Through development classes, the Spiritualist churches and beautiful friends who are experienced mediums, I have developed many ways of working with spirit, helping me on my journey, and with this I am also able to share my knowledge with others who wish to develop. I enjoy, and get great satisfaction from giving messages from spirit to their loved ones here one the earth plane, whether it be in a one to one message or in an audience. Love and Light.


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