Reality Check

Hosted by Jessica Johns

Sometimes in life, you just need a ‘Reality Check’

Every Wednesday night 9 PM PST | 12 AM EST come test the waters and climb into the rabbit hole with Jessica Johns.

We live in a world surrounded by the unexplained as well as fabricated lies. Step into the minds of two hosts willing to speak the truth no matter what lines they may cross. Reality Check is not your packaged propaganda type show….no it will cover everything from the paranormal to conspiracies.

This will be one hour of radio you can’t afford to miss. Stop by on Wednesday night's at 9 PM PST/12 AM EST as part of our Wanumbology Wednesday lineup for your weekly dose of reality. Reality Check hosted by Jessica Johns. The truth starts here!

Jessica Johns         

Imagine you're back in elementary school at the annual book fair. What books are you picking out? I was always the weird kid in the R.L. Stine section picking out Goosebumps, Fear Street, and other books on ghostly stories. I continued to have interest in books on the paranormal throughout my entire adult life.

When I was 16 years old my grandfather died, I remember feeling his presence in my hotel room the night before his funeral. Eight years later, I was in the middle of an investigation in Norcross, Georgia with a psychic, now mind you I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to psychic, but this woman was spot on. She came to me and described in detail everything that had happened to me that night. Her next words to me would resonate with me forever. She said that my grandfather had a message for me and it was about my purpose in life. According to her, my grandfather said my purpose in life was to continue my work in the paranormal because I was meant for great things.

Being from the south, I realized the best paranormal hot spots were the historic battlefields like Chickamauga and Kennesaw Mountain as well as Civil War POW camps like Andersonville Prison Camp in Americus, Georgia. What always started as a hunt for the spirits of the war turned into seeking history and the hidden truths of yesteryear that give us a new appreciation for American History. Each time I stepped out onto the battlefield I would ask myself, "what can the spirits tell us that our history books aren't?"

In 2011, I opened up my very own Historic Ghost Tour in a very small town in Georgia with Gold Rush history. I called it The Ghosts and Gold Historic Villa Rica Ghost Tour. This small town had so much little known history about the first gold rush in American history as well as ties to one of the biggest soda companies in the world; Coca-Cola. To this day, that tour has been my biggest accomplishment.

In 2012 I moved to the city of Las Vegas and eventually continued my paranormal quest on a little radio show called Paranormal and Beyond in 2013. Nearly a year later, the show went on hiatus and I found myself on a break as well. A few months ago, I was approached by the drummer in popular local band about getting back in the radio. That weighed pretty heavy on me because he was right. It’s time. I'm ready. I cannot wait to join the adventures with the KCOR Digital Radio Family!

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Just listened to Reality Check on KCOR Radio. Can honestly say a very factual show. Did not pull any punches and knew what they were talking about. The hosts Jessica Johns and Joey Mirabella really done their research well. If you get the chance go listen to the podcast as soon as you can.
David Cook - UK
Wow! Listended to the first show of Restricted Airspace and loved it! I'm hooked now. Can't wait to see what else happens with this station.
Emily Ryan - Miami - Florida