The American Ghost Hunter

Hosted by Daryl Marston, Greg Knepp and Helena & Alex King

The American Ghost Hunter Show Live interviews folks who work as well as investigate in the paranormal field. Whether it be the ordinary investigator, authors, demonologists as well as radio and TV Personalities within the field of unusual we got it covered. We cover all aspects of the paranormal such as hauntings, UFOs and Cryptos. We are a laid-back, shoot from the hip show, which loves everything paranormal. Lead by The American Ghost Hunter himself, Daryl Marston along with co-hosts Greg Knepp from Breaking Paranormal and our U.K. co-hosts U.K. Helena and Alex King from Boleyn Paranormal.

The American Ghost Hunter Show Live airs Thursday night at 6 PM PST | 9 PM EST exclusively on the KCOR Digital Radio Network starting October 5, 2017. With years of experience between the hosts as well as varying viewpoints this show will take you on a journey into the unknown with unbridled fire. The only question you have to ask yourself is...Are you ready for it?

Daryl Marston
The American Ghost Hunter        

Daryl has been a paranormal investigator and exploring the strange and unusual for over ten years. What started out as modest local investigations with his wife bloomed into something bigger as a few years back he launched his own team, Breaking Paranormal.

The team has investigated some of the largest as well as extreme haunted locations in the USA, from Eastern States Prison, Madison Seminary to Anderson Hotel and many more.

He started The American Ghost Hunter Live Show in December of 2016 on the Just Paranormal YouTube Live Network.

The team has interviewed many great guest over the last year and many more to come as they make the move over to the KCOR Digital Radio Network on Thursday Night starting at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. Come join them each week as they explored the light and dark side of the paranormal.

Greg Knepp
Breaking Paranormal          

Greg Knepp has been doing paranormal research for over fourteen years now and loves every minute of it. He has investigated some of the top locations in the northeast of these United States as well as a few places out west. He joined the investigative crew of Breaking Paranormal a few years ago and been some of the best times he has ever had in the paranormal.

Whether it is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania or the Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado, his investigations have turned up a lot of great evidence to prove his theories in the paranormal. Known as “the tech guy” on the team he does a majority of the technical aspects including the computer editing for the YouTube shows. In the future, he plans to expand his horizons to further away locations as well as push the boundaries within technology to expand upon his theories.

The American Ghost Hunter Show Live started at the end of 2016 and has had many prestigious guests as well as amazing teams from all over the world. The show has brought us closer to many within the Paranormal Community defining what “ParaUnity” means to our team. This connection to others in the field of the paranormal will continue for us as our show now moves forward on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

Helena & Alex King
Boleyn Paranormal        

Helena and Alex King are husband and wife paranormal investigators from the east coast of the UK. They run an internationally renowned team known as Boleyn Paranormal. In addition, they own an on-line paranormal magazine called “Living Paranormal Magazine”.

Although they believe in spirits and other entities, they have proved to be very sceptical, despite the fact that Helena is a medium and Alex is slightly sensitive to spiritual activity.

Helena has been around spirits her entire life and has seen them from a very young age. She and Alex met in 2009 and were married a year later. Since then, Alex has become more aware of spirits due in part to being in close proximity to Helena.

Helena has been a paranormal investigator for nearly fifteen years starting her journey into the paranormal at the early age of fourteen. Alex has been investigating for around eight years and joined Helena’s team shortly after meeting her in 2009.

They are not afraid to speak their minds and love to banter with fellow hosts and guests that they speak to on The American Ghost Hunter Show. They relish talking to investigators as well as other people within the paranormal industry. They enjoy a good laugh and a joke but at the end of the day are professional investigators, but not too professional. They met Daryl Marston in 2016 and have been working with him and his team ever since.


November 30, 2017
Eric Freeman
High Priest - New Church of Satan
Owner - House of Wills      

The House of Wills was originally built in 1898 by the Germania Turnverein Social Club. In 1912 the property was acquired by the Hospital for Immigrants from Hungary. In 1920 the Cleveland Hebrew Schools acquired the building and sold it in 1938. J. Walter Wills acquired the property in 1942. Wills, who founded Clevelands NAACP chapter and helped organize the city's first black business organization, also formed the J.W. Wills & Sons company, which became the largest black-owned funeral business in the state. Wills converted the labyrinth-like 34 room mansion into his second funeral home business. Wills died in his bedroom in the home in 1971. Some say his ghost is only one of many that haunt the old funeral home. It remained an operational funeral home until 2005, when Will's family sold it.

In 2010, Eric Freeman, High Priest of The New Church of Satan, purchased the home. He has since begun the arduous task of renovating the old property and converting it into a headquarters for The New Church of Satan. It takes only a small amount of creativity to imagine how amazing this place can be made to look. It has all the necessary potential to be a truly imposing and impressive church. But we need your help to make this happen. Money and labor. Lots of both. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a truly surreal and historic event in Cleveland's history... the full conversion of The House of Wills into The New Church of Satan!

Visit their website for more information


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