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Hosted by Dwight Lilly

When a libertarian of conservative origin runs full speed into life’s paradox of liberalism, the very real force of anti liberty – freedom hating socialists, the explosion will shock and awe you.

Bringing a unique perspective to the news and events that shape the world around you. Each show will be a mix of commentary, facts, educated opinion and analysis that will have even the most skeptical nodding in agreement or questioning what they believe the reality to be. There is the mainstream media’s spin, the right and left spin and then there is Dwight’s view that cuts through the glamour and mesmerizing hypnotic trance induced stupor, of the new world order.

What is presented may sound insane, may sound outrageous, and may very well be the truth…Dwight leaves it to the audience to decide for themselves.

From politics to alternate reality and everything in between, the news unfolds, the inside scoop unfolds, the good the bad and the ugly are examined.

Dwight will prove that this world is much more bizarre and uncertain…much more complicated and controlled, and above all, far less solid and reliable than is commonly understood.

Get ready for the ride of your life, grab that handrail and prepare yourself for a trip into the real twilight zone, that is anything but what you once held to be true.

Dwight Lilly         

Dwight was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He was educated by the finest public education man had ever conceived, a public education that existed before it was hijacked by teacher unions and far left liberal ideology, pent on transforming society into a socialist utopian version of 1984 that would shake even George Orwell to the bones. He worked as an aircraft mechanic, worked on freight docks, was the youngest Teamster Union Business Agent in Seattle’s history, union organizer only to be shocked into the reality the freedom and liberty destroying facets of organized labor.

The illusion of New Deal and Great Society solutions was discovered through how it rotted away the heritage, social structure and souls of those it promised to help, the people around him in everyday life. Dwight left this world behind in the early 1980’s and never looked back, bankrolling his first business with $280 and an idea, he was off and running and enjoyed the freedom and independence of self employment and well being that came from sales, marketing, management, and ownership of a manufactured housing sale center. He learned through a combination of college and the school of hard knocks.

After a half dozen years he left the world behind and hit the road, building a direct sales business that was again from the ground floor up and included ventures across the western states and as far east as Texas. His plan was to work six months and vacation for six months, enjoying semi retirement when he was young enough to enjoy it. His travels, research, endless quest for knowledge and hours and hours of reflection and personal growth prepared him for his venture into radio and print media. From his broad base of direct experience to his endless pursuit of a truth – who are we, why are we here, and what is this life all about, he now explores these questions with audiences around the world.


August 15, 2017
Douglas Robinson

Douglas Robinson is a Christian writer who has spent a lifetime pondering the existence of real “vampyres.” Robinson has had vampyric people “on his heart” since he was eight years old. Oddly, he doesn’t remember seeing vampire shows or movies until he moved from Chicago to Alabama and saw the gothic daytime serial Dark Shadows for the first time at the age of thirteen. He started disassembling the occultic elements early; such as, no reflection in a mirror. He said, “You are in a physical body, you have mass, and you are not the Invisible Woman. Therefore, you have a reflection.” Between praying, thinking, and reading – their condition finally made sense to him over time: these are people who must drink blood to live.

Robinson’s Silently series of novels — currently Silently Comes the Night and Rites of Passage — deals with blood drinking people and includes scenes where the characters drink blood, hunt for blood, kill for blood, or shed blood, but these are living people with a vampyric medical condition. They are neither undead nor occultic. These people survive as best they can under difficult and bitter conditions. Any that survive any length of time become efficient predators. When most people hear the word “vampire” they think of an undead creature who sleeps in a coffin by day and drinks the blood of the living by night. Robinson uses the alternate spelling “vampyr” to denote a physically-changed person who is living, not undead, and who must drink blood to survive.

The Silently series is about a vampyric girl named Majken who was born in the winter of 1698. The modern-day part of the storyline began in 1993 and ends about 1999. The historical part of the storyline delves into her past and other characters from the mid-1600’s onward. When we meet Majken she has come to the city of Trenton seeking a new life. She meets Thomas, a young college student, but Thomas does not know who or what his girlfriend really is. Thomas is exposed to her blood during her fight to save his life and he becomes vampyric also. The storyline is about their relationship in the modern-day and historically about Majken’s life from the early eighteenth century.

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Dwight Lilly takes it to the extreme on his show. He uses Atomic weapons on wasps.
Dave Moore - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Wow! Listended to the first show of Restricted Airspace and loved it! I'm hooked now. Can't wait to see what else happens with this station.
Emily Ryan - Miami - Florida