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"There's a war raging between good and evil. Rev. Shawn Whittington and Ghost-b-gone have been fighting the good fight for over 40 years. The time has come to make a choice. Choose to tune in to Vegas Supernatural. Learn how to be on the right side and fight that battle"!

Join Shawn Whittington as he explores the supernatural every Monday at 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST. With Shawn's many years in the field as well as his contacts within the paranormal this will be two hours of great digital radio. Join Shawn as well as his guests Monday night at 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST. Vegas Supernatural the new standard for paranormal radio!

Shawn Whittington         

Rev. Shawn Whittington is a devout Catholic and an Ordained Exorcism-Deliverance Minister. His wife Sharon is a certified Stephen Minister through her Lutheran faith, a near death experience survivor and a Sensitive/ Intuitive. They both are survivors of extreme demonic attacks. They are a husband/ wife ghostbusting team with 40 years combined experience. The team is fully equipped to perform a thorough paranormal investigation if needed. But, Ghost-B-Gone strives to go one step further than just ghost hunting. We specialize in getting rid of that extra unwanted guest in your home.

Ghost-B-Gone has helped many Las Vegas families over the years get their lives and their homes back. Trouble of a paranormal nature can be quite disturbing, and unless you have gone through it yourself, you can't quite know what it is like. Therefore, all inquiries are confidential, and we do not charge for our services, but donations are welcome to cover out of pocket expenses. To reach us here, go to our contact us page, e-mail or fill in your information, or feel free to call us at (702) 416-6288.

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September 18, 2017
Ronald Murphy    

Ron Murphy is a folklorist and paranormal investigator who delves into the legends to discover the facts

He has professionally published short stories, poetry, had a play produced, and this, his first novella. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in literature.

He studied medieval history at the graduate level at Indianan University of Pennsylvania. His interests include acting, playwriting, and photography. He lives in rural western Pennsylvania with his wife and five children.

September 25, 2017
Greg Bakun      

Greg started to have intense dreams about doing paranormal investigations starting years ago. Nights and nights of sleep resulted in endless dreams of doing Paranormal investigations. Greg is extremely gifted at connecting with spirits through the use of his Spirit Box. He has been sought out by other paranormal team’s for his spirit box skill and is always looking for more places to investigate.

Greg is the found of MN-GhostBox. MN GhostBox is a Paranormal team that has done paranormal investigations all over the country to help people who have encountered phenomena that they could not explain. We strive to bring peace of mind to our clients both to the living and to those who have passed.

Greg is a producer, writer, and loves creativity. He thinks this fits in well with the Paranormal field and is focusing his energies on producing the MN GhostBox web series which sees him and Nicole travel around the country investigating historical locations and capturing all the spirit evidence for you to see. He is the host of MN GhostBox Radio which streams live every Wednesday night at 11pm EST/10pm CST/8pm PST on Para-X radio. When it’s not Paranormal, Greg loves to grill and is an expert in British television and Doctor Who. Greg writes about British television and writes Blu-ray/DVD reviews on his site From the Archive and drinks a lot of wine on a Doctor Who podcast called The Others. Greg is an avid hoodie wearer. That’s how you will recognize him.


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