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KCOR is the new Digitial Underground source for everything from news, talk to some of the hottest Dj's on the planet. It was launched with the concept that the airwaves beglong to us, the listeners of the world as well as the universe. We could have been like the others and specialized in just one topic or even one format, but we undestand here at KCOR the diversity our listeners have around the world. That is why KCOR Radio was launched.

Our goal is not only to host the best and brightest, but also those around the world just looking for a place to have a voice. There is so much talent around the world sitting, waiting to be heard and at KCOR we want you to be heard loud and clear.

Every year as technology has gotten better and better people have become more mobile with their radio choices. Even terrestrial radio has started to become aggresively adapt at using digital technology to streaming their message accross the internet. They understand, just as KCOR does, that people want access to their favorite shows globally as well as locally. Globally is exactly what KCOR Radio prides itself in providing for its broadcasters as well as its listeners.

The goal of the station is to offer an inexpensive medium for not just our on-air talent, but also for our listeners and advertising partners. With our designated inhouse servers we will broadcast in the best quality streams to ensure your voice, topic or product can be heard loud and clear globally. In addition broadcasters as well as advertisers have access to our professtional recording and broadcasting facilites, some of the best sound and graphic designers as well as a experts in media imaging.

We are always looking for ideas on how to make KCOR Radio better for not jjust our broadcasters but for our listeners as well. Bottom line this station was set up for you the listeners of the world and we are here to server you across this global network.

Interested in broadcasting on our station click here for guidelines and pricing opitions.

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OMG. I just disovered your station and now I'm hooked. You have some of the best shows broadcast on the planet. Love live KCOR.
Travis Williams - Houston, TX
This station plays some of the hottest EDM on the planet. So many great DJ's playing all my favorites. Can't wait for this station to break through to the edge of the known universe. Keep mixing the best sounds KCOR. Love you guys.
Holly Tate - London, UK