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The subject of UFOs has fascinated Martin since his youth, yet he was on the fence about the subject. He experienced a sighting in 2006 in Carmel Valley, CA, that solidified his beliefs that UFOs really do exist. Since this time, Martin has paid attention to what others have to say about the phenomenon with an open mind. Pondering what UFOs may be, or if they are possibly extraterrestrial helped spark his interest to another level. In the last number of years, Martin has become interested in astronomy and always maintained a strong scientific fascination of our vast universe. Martin feels certain that we are not alone and thinks it is possible that some small part of our government knows that and keeps it from us. As an armchair UFOlogist, Martin created Podcast UFO in November, 2011. Martin’s mission is to provide a place where anyone could interact and be heard who had a UFO experience or insight on the subject. Martin is an artist as well as a longtime antique & fine art appraiser.
Welcome to “FOSTER the podcast”, the official podcast of comedian Justin Foster and Kristie Marie. Each week we sit down with a new guest and have them share with us a personal, hilarious, and insane story. Missing kidneys, partying with navy seals, getting fired by James Franco, and drunken samurai fights are just a few of the stories you will hear every week.

I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as we enjoy recording them. New episodes every Monday.
Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi is the creator and host of New Tech City, a radio show and podcast that puts a spin on the usual tech coverage with stories and experiments about how tech is truly changing our lives. New Tech City recently took the Top Tech Podcast slot on iTunes and Manoush was awarded "Best Host" by the Alliance for Women in Media.
Hosted by Derek Colanduno and Robynn "Swoopy" McCarthy. Skepticality; The official radio show and podcast of Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society, is a top-rated audio talk show dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking and science. Each episode is an audio magazine featuring regular segments by contributors who are specialized in specific areas of critical thought followed by featured content which is, usually, in the form of an interview with a researcher, author, or individual who is helping promote skeptical thought and/or science in an effective way.
Hosted by Trish Blackwell. Trish is a recognized fitness professional committed to inspiring others to live with more confidence, health and happiness from the inside out. Particularly passionate about bringing hope to those who struggle with negative body image, eating disorders, or confidence issues, Blackwell has become the leader on image issues in the fitness industry. Personal trainer, author, podcaster, and app publisher, Trish inspires her community to conquer life with confidence.

Blackwell is the author of The Skinny, Sexy Mind: The Ultimate French Secret, a book on transforming one’s body and life through discovering the keys to confidence. Also available is her Amazon Best Selling Kindle e-book, Building a Better Body Image: 50-Days to Loving your Body from the Inside Out, a 50-day journey to living happier and healthier. Trish spends her free time running, surfing and snowboarding with her husband Brandon Synan. She loves unicorns, coffee, and the color pink.

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