The Grind 10PM - 2 AM PST

Hosted by Tina Marie Caouette

Tina Marie was spent 20 years as a Professional Mobile DJ entertaining many across the Northeast. She currently live on the outskirts of Vegas, NV.

For twenty years Tina Marie was one of the most sought-after mobile Disc Jockeys in the Northeast. Aligning herself with many of the five star hotel chains as the premier entertainment company. Her company started as a part-time way to make money in high school but quickly branched into a multiple DJ operation. Her unique sense of humor as well as her ear for cutting edge music always put her ahead of the crowd.

In 2007, Tina sold her company to her partner and moved on from the music business out to Las Vegas, NV. This shift away from music was only temporarily as in 2011 she joined forces with a few guys and started Majestic 12 TV. The webcast station had a variety of shows including her own show called The Grind. The Grind featured music videos from around the world specializing in the hottest dance, club and EDM music around.

In 2012, after the station unfortunately shut its doors, Tina once again found herself outside of the music circle, at least publically. Tina continued to stay up on some of the hottest dance/EDM music from around the world. She absolutely loves listening and hearing new artist as well as old artists remakes. In 2013 she started her own Paranormal Show on KDWN 720 AM called Restricted Airspace which can also be heard on this station each week. She decided to incorporate both loves by including some of the hottest music as bumpers for her show.

After receiving so much positive feedback worldwide about her bumper music she decided to take the giant leap forward in a quest to bring back, The Grind. Now, each night from 10 PM to 2 AM you can hear Tinaís show commercial free on KCOR Radio. You can also get your request in as well as call in and chat live with her.

The Grind will feature some of the hottest up and coming artists as well as DJs and you never know who might be stopping by for a chat. So set those clocks for 10 PM, strap on your heels and hit the club scene from around the world with KCORís number one Club/EDM mixologist, live from Vegas!

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Tina you play some of the hottest club music in the world. Love tuning in and getting my dance groove on for a few hours. Thanks for making my night shift go by that much faster.
Steven Banks - Houston, Texas
The Grind and KCOR is the only station I listen to for the best in Club/EDM music. Thanks for giving us exactly what we need. You rock Tina. Or should I say you mixologist goddess of the Vegas airwaves.
Ryan Branch - Miami, Florida